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The Esports and Games Research (EGR) Lab is an interdisciplinary research collective at the University of Oregon. Our work focuses on the development and institutionalization of esports and other forms of gaming on college campuses. Team members come from across the university, bringing diverse perspectives to topics such as esports culture, communities, fans, player psychology and performance, as well as critical issues such as race, gender, class, and access to esports opportunities. We also employ a multimethodological approach to our research, including interviews with players, surveys of fans, and a pilot study of the effects of team training on both player and fan psychologies. Through these means, we aim to contribute to both academic and public-facing knowledge about collegiate esports, its meaning, and its best practices for success.

Research Tracks

Student Esports Ecosystem

Mapping programs, demographics, and opportunities

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Fostering equity in student gaming

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Alumni & Professionalization

Tracking skill acquisition and student career path

Fandom and Consumer Behavior

Marketing, branding, and consumption of student leagues

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